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On Friday, September 14th, 2018, the Carney family received the most devastating news of their lives. They learned that Mikah, their brave and batman loving four-year old, was diagnosed with B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

He was first admitted into Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center on Thursday, September 13th, because of Michael’s intuition that something just did not seem right. At Pomona Valley Hospital, they confirmed that his red and white blood cells, along with his platelets, were low and they would need to send him to a children’s specialist for an exact diagnosis. Michael asked the doctors if Mikah could go to Loma Linda University Medical Center. After a team of specialists did the bone marrow biopsy, it was confirmed that 91% of Mikah’s bone marrow was full of Leukemia. Mikah would be starting a very aggressive 28 day regimen of chemotherapy the following day. The goal is to reduce the leukemia cells to 0.1% in the first 28 days.

The Carney family now begins a journey that they never imagined they would be on. They are heartbroken to watch their sweet and lively four-year old become sad and somber. They are also thinking of their three other children and how life is going to shift so quickly for them.

They will not walk this cancer journey alone. San Bernardino County Fire Department stands behind their firefighters and their families. We will support them through this stressful process. We are reaching out on behalf of the family for financial assistance to help them through the difficult time ahead.

The San Bernardino County Fire Benevolent Foundation is a non-profit charitable foundation with the express mission of assisting firefighters and their families when faced with unexpected illness and tragic circumstances. Donations will help to meet the needs of the Carney family throughout this difficult process.

The family wishes to express their immense gratitude for all who have supported them thus far, and for any person who can help in any way. They pray and are trusting that the God who blessed them with their children will also be along side them every step of the way through this season of life.

Donations via Debit Cards / Cash app

Optional note: "Mikah Carney"

Donations via Credit Card

Donations by check or money order:

-> Make the check or money order out to "San Bernardino County Fire Benevolent Foundation".
-> Write "Mikah Carney" in the notes on the check.
-> Please mail to: 7023 SVL Box, Victorville, CA 92395

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